'There’s always work for professionals'

Stef Vroegop and Peter Meijs are celebrating 50 years of service for Cox Geelen today. That is unique, stresses the metal company from Eijsden. Because in order to make it to fifty years, you have to start very young - something that is not allowed any more - and you have to stay with the same boss until your retirement.

Team R-Vent takes up the challenge!

Last year Ruben Broers was asked by a colleague to try to collect some money for charity; by taking part in a sponsored bike ride up Mont Ventoux. On the 24th September, he took up the challenge and stood, for the second time, at the foot of the mountain along with three colleagues from Bergschenhoek Luchtcomfort together as Team R-Vent, ready to “take on the mountain”. 

Collaboration with De Generatieregeling

On 23 June 2016, the Bergschenhoek Groep organised a Pension Information Evening. All employees aged 58 and above were invited to attend this evening. With an attendance of over 70%, the evening was a great success. During the evening, the Bergschenhoek Groep, on behalf of its subsidiaries, announced a collaboration with De Generatieregeling. 

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