Gerard Rook retires as Chairman

Gerard Rook retires as Chair of the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. Executive Board

After working for Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. for 44 years, on 11 March 2016, Gerard Rook retired as Chair of the Bergschenhoek Groep B.V. Executive Board. At the same time, Corine Rook and Jeroen Rook were both appointed as co-Chairs, and they are now jointly responsible for operational leadership.

How the company is today is mainly thanks to the third generation of the Rook family. Under the direction of Gerard Rook, in collaboration with uncles Cees and Hugo, the company underwent tremendous development, building on the foundations of grandfather Huig Rook.

From its trade on the inland waterways, the family business has developed into an internationally recognised company that operates globally in the fields of ventilation and air treatment systems, flue gas discharge and water management systems and civil engineering.

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