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Collaboration with De Generatieregeling

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Collaboration with De Generatieregeling

Collaboration with De Generatieregeling

On 23 June 2016, the Bergschenhoek Groep organised a Pension Information Evening. All employees aged 58 and above were invited to attend this evening. With an attendance of over 70%, the evening was a great success. During the evening, the Bergschenhoek Groep, on behalf of its subsidiaries, announced a collaboration with De Generatieregeling. 

What is De Generatieregeling?
The aim of De Generatieregeling (The Generation Scheme) is to allow older employees to leave the company more easily and thereby give younger people more opportunities within the company.

Bergschenhoek wants to retain the experience and the knowledge of older staff, but at the same time, we want to give young people an opportunity on the labour market. How do we do that? By allowing employees aged 62 and above to retire and leave the employment of Bergschenhoek whilst retaining as much net payable income as possible. De Generatieregeling then employees these members of staff on a part-time basis (50%) straight away, before returning them to their original position at Bergschenhoek. This is creating jobs for younger people who are desperate for jobs.

Due to the ageing population, the pensionable age will increase gradually over the coming years. By 2019, it will be 66 years, and by 2023, it will be 67 years. The government argues that people are living longer and remaining healthy for longer, so are able to continue working for longer. In line with increased life expectancy, pension accrual has undergone a tax reform. Pension premiums will decrease, which should result in a boost in spending for the economy.

Why De Generatieregeling?
With De Generatieregeling, long-term employability is being achieved in a specific manner. The scheme provides a solution to a major social problem: a labour market that isn’t working properly in which older people are finding it difficult to leave and younger people are finding it difficult to enter employment. The policy of the Bergschenhoek Groep and its subsidiaries focuses on allowing older employees to undergo the last stage of their career as fit and healthily as possible, and to give younger employees opportunities within the company.